We're excited to announce that George Wheeler, formerly independent councillor for St Budeaux, has officially become Plymouth's second Green Councillor.

16 May 2022

George Wheeler - Green Party councillor for St Budeaux wardCouncillor George Wheeler has today announced that he has joined the Green Party and will serve on Plymouth City Council as a Green Councillor. Councillor Wheeler joins newly elected Green Councillor Ian Poyser. 

Since leaving the Labour Party, Councillor Wheeler who serves St Budeaux ward, has represented the area as an Independent. 

In a letter being delivered to residents, Mr Wheeler said; “After a significant period of time of personal reflection, I have made the decision to move to the Green Party in Plymouth who I feel much more closely aligned with on important issues and whose core values I very much share.”

“My primary role as a Councillor remains to represent residents of St Budeaux on local issues, and I can do this best inside the Green Party.”

“St Budeaux residents come before any party politics. This stance is respected and shared by the Green Party who will support me in my endeavours to serve the people of St Budeaux. For instance, the Green Party never tells its Councillors how to vote - this means I will always be able to put St. Budeaux residents first.”

Welcoming Councillor Wheeler to the Green Party, Councillor Poyser said: “I’m delighted to welcome George to the local Party, he brings significant skills and experience and an excellent track record of getting things done.”


“George has spent several months getting to know the local Green team to ensure our principles and values were a good fit.  The Green Party expects high standards of its Councillors and I’m pleased to say that George has passed all the necessary checks and can now sit as a Green Councillor.”


Councillor Poyser also ruled out the Greens forming a formal pact with either the  Conservatives or Labour; “We’re very open to cross-party working, but this will be on a case-by-case basis, as we look at what is best for the residents we represent.”


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