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Welcome to the Plymouth Green Party!

Imagine a political system that puts the people and our shared environment first, an economy where everybody gets their fair share, a safe climate, free education for all and a publicly funded NHS free at the point of use. Support the Green Party and we can make this dream a reality.


Plymouth Greens on the 2016 election campaign trail

The Plymouth Green Party team on the canvassing trail in Plymouth's local elections, 2016.


Upcoming Events 

Please find below a list of upcoming key events.
A full detailed list of events, including local hustings, talks and debates to which the Plymouth Green Party is in attendance, can be found on our Events Page 


Next Plymouth Green Party meeting and other events

08/03/2016 - Members Meeting - Details TBC.



 20/02/2017 - A Message From Your New Coordinator

 20/02/2017 - New Coordinator Elected

 10/02/2017 - Response to Parliament's Brexit Vote

 01/02/2017 - Plymouth Green Party Statement: Coordinator 

 27/01/2017 - Plymouth Green Party Statement: Progressive Alliances

 25/12/2016 - 12 Days of Plymouth Green Party-mas

 08/12/2016 - Plymouth Green Party Meeting Agenda

 24/11/2016 - Response to the Autumn Statement

 21/11/2016 - Fighting the Investigatory Powers Act

 15/11/2016 - Notice of EGM

 30/09/2016 - AGM Results




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