Plymouth Greens Statement: Progressive Alliances

27 January 2017

On Friday the 27th January, the Plymouth Green Party voted unanimously to explore the prospect of electoral Progressive Alliances with the Plymouth Labour party and the Plymouth Liberal Democrats , with the goal of securing a deal which can then be voted on by Plymouth Green Party members.

This vote does not constitute a final deal nor does it constitute an erosion of party’s principles or independence- but it does signal our determination to make alliances work and fight a common enemy: a Tory Party who are determined to deliver an ideologically driven Hard Brexit onto the country and who are remorselessly slashing vital services at local and national level.

As the motion says: "This is not an endorsement of Labour, Jeremy Corbyn or of Plymouth Labour’s record when in control of Plymouth City Council. Nor is this an endorsement of the Liberal Democrats and their record in Coalition. We all have our differing reasons for being Green Party members, we all have differing Green Party policies that we passionately believe in and will defend, and this motion will not change that. This is however a recognition that our parties are united by one common goal. Not just stopping the Tories and UKIP in Plymouth, not just standing up to their awful record in local and national government but rejecting the regressive politics of fear, division and isolation. You know how you felt on the morning of June 24th when Britain voted to leave the EU. You know how you felt on the morning of November 9th when Donald Trump was voted next president of the United States. The chances are Plymouth Labour and Plymouth Liberal Democrat members felt exactly the same way as you. It hurt. But this is our chance to fight-back and offer our unique message of hope whilst giving ourselves the best chance of gaining influence locally."


You can find the Herald article on the matter of a potential progressive alliance in an interview with local member Josh Pope here.

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