Q and A Armada Way

24 March 2023

Only acceptable decision for Conservative Leader to resign

22 March 2023

We welcome the decision today of Conservative leader Richard Bingley, who signed the executive order to fell the trees in Armada Way, to resign.

Greens file no confidence motion in Council Leader Richard Bingley

20 March 2023

Conservative Leader disregarded the clear results of the public engagement showing a majority against the current scheme and ignored the views of many elected councillors and thousands of residents who signed a petition calling for more trees to be saved.

Cut down Armada Way trees  Image: STRAW

Greens call for independent inquiry into Armada Way tree felling

15 March 2023

Last night’s mass felling of trees, taking place under the cover of darkness with no advance warning, is a shameful and shocking act going against the will of Plymouth citizens. It flies in the face of the recent ‘meaningful community engagement’, where an overwhelming majority objected to the Armada Way regeneration scheme in its current form.

Greens criticise lack of transparency in Council budget ‘backroom deal’

28 February 2023

Plymouth’s three Green Party Councillors have voiced their dismay at a joint move by the Conservative administration and the Labour group which silenced other parties.

First Green win of the year in Chaddlewood by-election

13 January 2023

Thank you to all residents in Moorview and Chaddlewood who voted Green in the by-elections on 12 January 2023!

Plymouth City Council urged to stop using Glyphosate in 'war on weeds'

29 October 2021

Plymouth Greens condemn the Plymouth City Council "War on weeds" campaign, which features a heavy use of the controversial herbicide Glyphosate, as disproportionate, ill-conceived and dangerous for humans and animals.

Statement on shooting in Keyham

13 August 2021

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the terrible incident that occurred in Keyham last night.

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