Green Party standing candidates in all 19 wards up for election on 2nd May 2024

2 May 2024

Entrepreneurs, a housing expert, teachers and community leaders are among the diverse range of candidates standing in the local elections for Plymouth City Council on May 2nd. 

Councillor Ian Poyser, leader of the Green Group in Plymouth City Council, said: “We’re really proud of the range of experience and knowledge our candidates bring. All are committed to building stronger communities to protect our environment and address the climate emergency at a local level as the priority.” 

“Greens fight hard to protect vital services and speak up for residents. Vote Green on May 2nd for fresh voices in Council, and a much-needed injection of creativity and energy.”

Green councillor Lauren McLay, who is seeking re-election in Chaddlewood, said: “Many Plymothians are fed up with both Conservatives and Labour as their councillors have to toe the party line. Green Councillors are never told how to vote – so they’re always free to speak up for residents, and vote for what’s best for the area they represent.”

Green Party candidates are standing in all 19 wards contested on 2nd May 2024. This gives Plymothians the chance to vote for more bolder action to address the climate and ecological emergency and for a collaborative style of politics. 

Green Party candidates this election:

Budshead - Caroline Bennett

My interest in sustainability started when I founded Britain’s first conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, Moshi Moshi, in 1994. My passion for the seas brought me to Plymouth where I established an ethical fishmonger, Sole of Discretion CIC. Sole works exclusively with the small-scale inshore boats, whose fishers play a key role in Plymouth’s amazing coastal communities. If elected, I would focus on bringing economic resilience powered by green ethics to Budshead.

Compton – Ewan Melling Flavell 
I work as a Public Health Nurse after retraining during lockdown. I have a lifetime of experience supporting the public in a variety of roles, from Gym Instructor to Practice Manager.  I hope to support residents in Compton, Mannamead and Mutley Plain by focusing on road safety, public transport, littering and housing issues.

Devonport – James  Dyson

I believe Plymouth needs something different from Labour and the Conservatives. I have witnessed the dedication of Green Councillors in Plymouth to genuinely represent the needs of their wards. High energy bills are one of the biggest problems many residents battle with in Devonport, and renters have no influence over insulation of their homes. If elected, I would champion community energy buying projects and promote the creation of local energy co-operatives, so residents can get lower bills with renewable energy. I would be a strong voice for residents in Devonport and hold the Labour administration to account.

Drake - Efford and Lipson – Pat Bushell
One reason that I’m standing as a candidate for the Green Party in Efford and Lipson is because I want to see more and quicker action on issues that have been left for too long. 
Food waste collection is an important issue that has concerned me for many years. All the nutrients contained in potato peelings, apple cores and the left-overs from your plate are still being sent directly to the incinerator and burnt, turned to ash, instead of being recycled into a rich compost and returned to the land.  This is an example of what is meant by the Circular Economy, and I’m sorry to say we’re way behind on this.  In Totnes they have been collecting food waste since 2002.  What are we waiting for? 
Eggbuckland - Clint Jones

I’m a teacher and run a consultancy which focusses on education as a tool for social justice. 

I am standing as a Green councillor because I believe that we need a new kind of politics, one that is truly rooted in community, compassion, and sustainability. I believe that the Green Party offers the best chance for a better future for our community and our planet.

I am also standing because I have children and I want them to be able to grow up in a community that understands the importance of taking care of the world around us. We are at the tipping point and without immediate action on climate, water quality and green space preservation things look pretty stark! 

I have lived in the Eggbuckland ward for the last 7 years and in that time I have never once seen any of my local councillors at community events or advocating for businesses, groups or individuals.

I am committed to working with others to make our community a better place to live, work, and raise a family. I will fight for affordable housing, good schools, and safe streets. I will also work to protect our environment and promote sustainability. I believe that we can create a better future for our community, our City and our planet. 

Ham – Leesa Alderton

I am a professional dog-walker and have lived in the area for over 12 years. With experience in environmental science and the social sector, I am passionate about the community and green spaces in the ward and can often be found volunteering here. I believe that national solutions to environmental issues and social equality start at our doorstep. If elected, I will continue to fight for our green spaces and for adequate healthcare in the ward.

Honicknowle – Verity Thong

I teach English for speakers of other languages and want to see better provision for young people in Honicknowle. The area has huge community spirit, but doesn’t get its fair share of support – I want to hold the Labour council administration to account and would be free to speak up for residents. If elected, I would work with the council to improve bus services so that Ernesettle, West Park, Honicknowle and Manadon are better connected to the city centre. I would advocate for more housing in the area that is actually affordable while ensuring much-loved green spaces like Wilmot Gardens are protected.

Moor View – Frank Hartkopf

As the owner of a small business, I'm passionate about empowering local businesses to create green, fairly paid jobs in Plymouth. I have two young children and am very concerned about the kind of world they will grow up in. I’m standing as the Green Party candidate to push for faster and measurable action on the climate crisis in Plymouth.
As a lay minister at a local church in Glenholt, I know that families and elderly residents are struggling with the rising cost of living and with isolation. If elected, I will support local initiatives and fight for better public transport links and a new family hub for the ward.


Peverell – Nicholas Casley

I have lived in Peverell for thirty years. I am standing because Plymouth deserves a better Green Deal than the current parties dare hope to provide.

If elected for Peverell, I would focus on providing better public transport links to the city centre and other parts of the city.

I would fight to reinstall the drinking fountains in Central Park as a way to combat more plastic bottles of water. I remember the fountains from when I was a kid. Every park in Paris still has them.

Plympton Chaddlewood - Lauren McLay

I’m seeking to be re-elected as one of the two Green councillors so we can keep a strong voice for Chaddlewood on Plymouth City Council. Over the last 15 months since my election, Cllr Ian Poyser and I have worked hard for Chaddlewood, reversing decades of neglect by previous Conservative councillors. I’ve listened to residents’ priorities and got things done such as fixing potholes and drain covers, demanded improvements on grass-cutting schedules, as well as getting the developer to fix the retaining wall between St Maurice View and the Ridgeway - at no cost to taxpayers. 

I’ve also secured additional funding for our community to create beautiful mini wildflower meadows across Chaddlewood, supported a local community group to install five new benches, maintained and expanded on the much-loved subway art with local schools and raised funds for a new defibrillator. It’s only me and the Green Party team that have knocked on doors throughout the year, held monthly ‘Meet Your Councillor’ Surgeries and delivered a regular newsletter. 

Plympton Erle - Mickey Jakes
I'll be standing as candidate for the Green Party in Plympton Erle to help grow a sustainable future. As Britain's Ocean City we need to be ensuring that we are protecting our water not only from sewerage, but also from litter that is left on our streets. I regularly do litter picks, but often the issue is caused by a lack of bins or overflowing bins, why aren't we fixing this issue? If elected, I would be working with Green councillors in Plympton Chaddlewood to improve our playparks and green spaces. 


Plympton St Mary –  Byran Driver
I have worked in Children’s services for over 10 years and understand how Local Government and the local community can work together to create the best outcomes for residents.
I was brought up in a Services family with my dad and uncle both serving in the army. I also trained in the Territorial Army from age 18 to 20, which has given me a huge amount of respect for the dedication and hard work required from serving personnel and their families.
If elected, I will bring fresh energy to the council, along with time, skills, and experience to be a stronger voice for Plympton St Mary. I will put Plympton residents first, before party politics.


Plymstock Dunstone – Piers Driver
I am standing as a candidate for the Green Party in Plymstock Dunstone as I believe that we have been failed by Conservatives and Labour too many times. I’m appalled by the felling of the trees in Armada Way. This is a clear example of how democracy should not work.
I grew up in Plymstock and have ties with family and friends who live in the area. I love its beautiful green spaces and if elected I would promote and protect them. 
My career as a loft specialist across Plymouth has given me experience and knowledge in the need for good quality, insulated and future ready homes, which the Green Party are passionate about.
If elected, I would provide a strong independent voice for the people of Plymstock Dunstone.


Plymstock Radford – Bruce Robinson
I have lived in Plymstock for the past 35 years.  I served in the Royal Navy for 15 years as a Meteorology and Oceanography Officer. In 2005, I joined Coombe Dean School as a Chemistry teacher and went on to become Head of Chemistry at Ivybridge Community College in 2007 and whole College STEM Coordinator at UTC Plymouth in 2015 before retiring from frontline teaching in 2017. I have run my own business, Wonder Workshops, delivering challenging Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths workshops to enthuse and inform children across Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. Although formally retired, I work part time for STEM Learning as an ENTHUSE Coach for Secondary and Primary schools in Plymouth and Kingsteignton. I am a keen photographer, musician and bodyboarder. I enjoy walking on Dartmoor and I was a Ten Tors Commander for three years and a scrutineer. I am married with two daughters. 
As a member of the Plymstock Swimming Pool Association, I was pleased to see the considerable effort bring about the integration of a swimming pool for Plymstock and Sherford residents into the Sports Centre at Sherford. Through this project, I have learnt that success doesn’t always come overnight, and dogged determination is often required to get a community what it wants and needs. If elected, I hope to bring that experience and determination to serve the residents of Plymstock Radford.

Southway – Helen McCall

I am a retired Research Scientist who has worked in Environmental Research at Plymouth Marine Laboratories. I was also a Mathematician, Computer Programmer and Engineer. As a scientist I had experience of giving public lectures in Britain and Europe.
Performing Arts Practitioner at various venues such as The Art Of Dance in Mutley, The Barbican Theatre, Theatre Royal and Drum Theatre. In 2003 I served as an Infrastructure Sub-Committee Member on the City Council's Cultural Steering Group. As a Research Scientist I performed International Peer Review on International research in environmental science, and was a referee for a United Nations Intergovernmental Commission.
I am standing as the Green Party candidate for Southway to give residents a say on the issues that matter in their local community. People are looking for a different approach, one that prioritises responsiveness, fairness and sustainability.
If elected, I would like to focus on promoting healthier, more environmentally efficient homes, public buildings and businesses. With the rising fuel prices, this is an important way to improve quality of life for individuals as well as the local economy.  I would be a strong voice for promoting and protecting our green spaces, as well as improving low and no carbon transport options to better link Southway to other parts of the city.

St Budeaux – George Wheeler

I have lived in St Budeaux for 22 years and been a councillor for most of that time, so  know how to get things done for residents. I successfully put pressure on the Labour council to get their act together for Barne Barton, Kings Tamerton, Saltash Passage and St Budeaux. After years of campaigning, new public toilets will finally be built  on the Square. I was the only candidate to deliver a regular newsletter to all residents in our area all year round, keeping them informed. 

Unlike candidates from other parties, I’m not told how to vote by my party, so I’m free to be a strong voice for our local area. If elected, I would hold the Labour council to account and make ensure residents have a greater say on housing and development in our area and to save and improve youth services and play parks. 

The Conservatives came third in St Budeaux last year and are trailing behind in the polls. I came second, so voters have a clear choice between me or yet another Labour councillor here.

St Peter and the Waterfront - Richard Worrall

As the candidate for St Peter and the Waterfront, I represent the growing movement in Plymouth that rejects the politics of division. Having lived and worked in Plymouth for over 20 years, I want to make it an even greater place to live. We need to be able to trust that our elected representatives will protect and grow this beautiful corner of the country.

Stoke – Lucy Mackay

I have lived in Plymouth for more than 40 years. I work as a teacher and exercise instructor while bringing up my family and taking an active interest in local issues. I’m particularly interested in protecting green spaces from development, achieving better insulation in Plymouth’s homes and maintaining support for our most vulnerable residents. 
Sutton and Mount Gould – Mike Kewish
I have been living in Plymouth for 30 years. After serving in the Royal Navy for twelve years, I embarked on a career in social housing and over time gained a wide experience of the complex needs of residents. I am passionate about protecting green open spaces and have frequently challenged the local authority on such issues. 


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