St Budeaux Green candidate George Wheeler presses council to provide temporary bus shelter

26 September 2023

Work on the Square in St Budeaux, an important public transport hub, is expected to begin before the end of the year. The Labour cabinet member for Transport made this promise in response to a public question by St Budeaux community champion, George Wheeler. Work was previously expected to start in August 2022 – the reason why residents have had no bus shelters on the Square since June last year.

George asked Plymouth City Council that the unused shelter at the top of Pemros Road is temporarily relocated to provide some respite for passengers at the Square:

The following question was received from Alderman George Wheeler and answered by Councillor Mark Coker (Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport):

Question: Thanks for your reply to my previous question indicating that the St Budeaux bus shelters would not be replaced imminently. Could the unused bus shelter at the top of Pemros Road, owned by Tamar Crossings, be re-sited to the square to help passengers over the coming winter?

Response: "Thank you Alderman Wheeler for your question.

It has been estimated that the suggested relocation would cost the council approximately £12,000 and would take between 10-14 weeks to relocate the shelter to allow for necessary conditions, utility ground and ground checks, as well as a possible need for a temporary traffic regulation order for which there is no budget provision. The transforming cities funds in St Budeaux Square is scheduled to start in quarter three of 2023/24, which would be before any temporary relocation could be undertaken. The relocation would also delay the commencement of this scheme, leading to further abortive costs. The relocation of the shelter from Penrose Road to St Budeaux Square is, therefore, not practical or good value for money and would therefore not be taken forward. Instead, the city council will focus on delivering the transforming cities funds scheme for this area which includes the provision of two brand-new clear channel shelters."

George says: “This is an extraordinary reply. As the location was the site of a bus shelter until it was removed 13 months ago and will be a bus shelter again when the major scheme has been carried out, it seems odd that new checks are needed.”

He added: "I will hold the Council to their promise that work on the Square does go ahead as planned. It would be unacceptable to have another winter without the shelters."

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