A fairer, greener future for Plymouth: Plymouth Greens launch local election manifesto 2023:

27 April 2023

The Plymouth Green Party has launched its manifesto for the 2023 local elections, outlining a plan for a fairer, greener future for Plymouth.

Across England, communities are suffering. Cuts devastate local services, the cost of living crisis continues to deepen and corporate profit-seeking threatens the environment. Library opening times shrink, vital green spaces are destroyed, healthcare waiting lists grow ever longer, potholes deepen and street lights dim. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Plymouth elected its first Green councillor in 2022. Since then, we have already made a real impact in our city, demanding an independent review into the Armada Way fiasco, pushing forward on our 2030 net-zero ambitions and delivering for our residents locally. We have proven the difference Green councillors can make in a short space of time, but we know that with more elected, we can make an even bigger impact.

In the wake of the climate emergency and a debilitating cost-of-living crisis, Plymouth Greens will create a fairer, greener future for Plymouth where we can all afford to live, work and enjoy our Ocean City. Only the Green Party will deliver the transformative change the city needs.

We believe in listening to residents and trusting local people with the power to transform their lives and the places they love - by giving residents more say in how our city is run, a situation like Armada Way won’t ever happen again. Change is possible in Plymouth — vote Green for a fairer, greener future.

Our plan for Plymouth…

Against the backdrop of many national crises ranging from food security to energy, climate to housing and inflation, locally, the endless flip-flopping between Labour and Conservative administrations is failing to deliver for the people. Plymouth deserves real leadership and commitment to drive action and transformation in the city, the Green Party are ready and excited to take on the challenge.

With more Greens elected, we will…

  • Lead on the Climate Crisis and create a nature-rich city
  • Unleash local power in local democracy
  • Connect our city with a sustainable transport network
  • Create cleaner, greener streets
  • Plan for our common future with policies that protect people and planet
  • Secure warm, safe homes for all
  • Create a healthy and caring Ocean City
  • Make Plymouth a welcoming, accessible and equal city
  • Improve our sport, leisure and culture provisions
  • Create a more sustainable and equitable local education system

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