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Noise Pollution a Concern with Residents

Ian measures noise pollution on Glen Road

Green campaigner Ian Poyser has been responding to resident concerns over noise pollution levels in Plympton Chaddlewood. Road traffic is known to be the biggest cause of noise pollution in the UK, yet has a signficant impact for residents and is often overlooked as a planning consideration. As a result Ian visited the site, along the busy Glen Park Road on a normal Tuesday afternoon to measure noise pollution levels and get a better understanding of the impact. 

Results showed an average ‘background’ traffic noise of 60 decibels, rising considerably to over 80 decibels when HGVs came past. The World Health Organisation reccomends that noise levels shouldn’t exceed 55 decibels in residential areas.

Ian says: ā€Iā€™m shocked by the results, and concerned that increasing HGV traffic on Glen Road will impact on the quality of life for residents living nearby.  The potential increase in traffic from the reopened Hemerdon mine is of particular concern. The combine traffic could be very disruptive.ā€

“City-wide we need to be taking the issue of noise pollution seriously and considering it more within the planning process for new transport schemes – clearly switiching from polluting and carbon-intensive HGVs to rail frieght will help in some situations, and developing a ‘last-mile’ scheme using e-cargo bikes for the final stage of frieght deliveries  could reduce  HGVs driving through our urban and residential areas.”