St Peter & the Waterfront

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By-elections 27th July 2023:

Shayna Newham-Joynes

As a born and raised Plymothian, I love this city and its people. It would be a privilege to represent my community of St Peter and the Waterfront on Plymouth City Council. For too long, we have been stuck in the old two-party system that has failed to deliver on the potential and ambitions of our city and its people. As your Councillor, I’d be focused on improving our everyday lives through addressing NHS backlogs, improving public transport links, creating well-paying green jobs, tackling the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency.

I'm passionate about accessibility, diversity, inclusion and equity. As a member of the chronic illness community, I am all too aware of the challenges that I and other disabled people face as we try to access essential services. As a Green Party Councillor, I’d push to commission the first accessibility review of Plymouth and work to ensure that our services deliver for all Plymouth residents.

I would recommend voting for me as the Green candidate because Plymouth Greens will tackle the climate emergency and the cost-of-living crisis to create a fairer, greener future for Plymouth where we can all afford to live, work and enjoy our Ocean City. We will give residents more say in how our city is run, to ensure a fiasco like in Armada Way never happens again.

 Shayna Newham-Joynes Green candidate St Peter and the Waterfront

About St Peter & the Waterfront Ward:

St Peter & the Waterfront is part of the Plymouth Sutton & Devonport Parlimentary Constituency. 

St Peter & the Waterfront is a three-seat ward.

The last local election for St Peter & the Waterfront was held in May 2023.

Our candidate Shayna Newham-Joynes came third with 10.6 % of the vote.