Plympton St Mary

Claire Riley

Claire has been a resident of Plymouth for over 30 years and lived in the Plympton St Mary ward for 25.  A former primary school teacher, Claire now works as the administrator for a small Community Interest Company within the city. She has also volunteered for various parent/teacher associations, Woodside Animal Welfare Trust and the National Trust, as well as litter picking events and beach cleans. Claire is passionate about the environment and living sustainably and a vote for Claire would add your voice to the growing number of people committed to living in a greener, more sustainable way, and who want their local councillors to actively promote this in order to address the climate emergency.

About Plympton St Mary:

Plympton St Mary is part of the South Devon Parliamentary Constituency. 

Plympton St Mary is a three-seat ward.

The last local election for Plympton St Mary was held in May 2019.

Plymouth Green Party didn't stand a candidate in the last election.