Women’s Safety: Plymouth Green Party Welcomes Suspension of Tory Councillor

16 March 2021

We welcome that Councillor Deacon has been suspended and an investigation into his online comments is under way.

In light of Sarah Everard's death, all women's concerns about safety - including trans women's - should be taken very seriously by all elected politicians in our city.

Sadly comments made by The Green Party's Baroness Jones were taken out of context by Councillor Deacon seemingly in an attempt at fearmongering ahead of the local elections.

Leesa Alderton, Green Party candidate for St Budeaux, said: "It's deeply frustrating that an important debate about women's safety should be hijacked in this way by Councillor Deacon."

Comments made by Baroness Jones suggesting a 6pm curfew for men are not official Green Party policy. However, Baroness Jones was reacting to advice that women should not go out after dark, purportedly for their own safety.

Leesa Alderton: "Her point was to illustrate how ridiculous and deeply unfair such a suggestion is."

Plymouth City Council have recently introduced equality and diversity training for Councillors. However, the Council hasn't published which Councillors have completed training. We think it should be mandatory for all Councillors to complete this training immediately.

Instead of hatching political stunts, Councillor Deacon and the Plymouth Conservatives should be listening to the concerns of women right now to ensure all residents feel safe in our city.

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