Comment on Old Town Street Trees Petition

30 January 2020

old town street

A local Plymouth resident has started a petition, gaining over 700 signatures, to save the Old Town Street Trees which are scheduled to be felled this Spring as part of the redevelopment and pedestrianisation of the street.  

The petition is addressed to Ian Poyser, Plymouth Green Party Coordinator, requesting he  take action.

Our Statement:

Ian Poyser, Green Party Activist says: “We welcome the proposed pedestrianisation of Old Town Street and investment aimed at rejuvenating our City Centre, which is long overdue.” 

“However, the felling of these trees, which welcome visitors to the street with a wonderful green vibrancy, will result in loss of tree cover of birds and shade in the summer months.

“Whilst the scheme includes replanting saplings after works are complete, we ask that the Council pause to rethink the current plans and incorporate the existing trees into the new design and start construction at Old Town Street after the Mayflower 400 celebrations have passed.” 

In response to the petition Ian has written to Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet Member for Environment and requested a meeting to discuss the council’s proposal.


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