Local Elections 2019: Campaigning for a Greener Future

29 April 2019

The Green Party are standing candidates in six Plymouth wards in the 2019 local elections. Party volunteers have been busy canvassing across the city in the run up to polling day this Thursday.

Ian Poyser, candidate for Stoke comments on the campaign, “We’ve had a really positive reception on the doorstep, and the message is clear; with deadlock at Westminster, people are looking for alternatives. The Green Party vision offers that positive alternative.”

The party is fielding candidates in Stoke, Sutton & Mount Gould, Devonport, St Peter and the Waterfront, Plymstock Radford and Peverell.

James Ellwood, candidate for St Peter and the Waterfront commented; “It’s an exciting time to be a Green candidate. Lot of people have been inspired by the recent school climate strikes. So, if you’re a parent, why not sit down with your children and talk about the kind of future they want? Without action on climate change we are jeopardising the next generation, so we’re asking you to use your vote to support their future.”

The party’s key local policies set out an ambitious plan to improve the city’s green credentials, whilst supporting business and improving health and wellbeing.  Green Councillors would also pressure Westminster to end austerity and reinvest in local services.

Andy Pratt, local Coordinator and Devonport candidate said: “Many of the current crop of Labour and Conservative Councillors have held onto power for over 20 years.  The question voters need to be asking is are these are the people who can deliver the kind of bold, dynamic leadership that the city desperately needs? We’d argue that it’s time for a change.”

Mike Kewish, candidate for Sutton and Mount Gould added; “With our broken electoral system it’s tempting to compromise your values and vote tactically. But we are living through unprecedented times and more of the same is not the answer.  Instead, this week, we urge you to vote with your heart for the party that best represents your values.”


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