Our statement on Plymouth City Council's decision to declare "Climate Emergency"

18 March 2019

We fully support the decision of Plymouth City Council today to declare a “climate emergency”. Emergency is the critical word here – humanity faces an unmitigated disaster unless we fundamentally change our behaviour and our priorities.

The Green Party has petititoned councillors urging them to make this delaration, along with many members of the public. The dangers of climate change are well document, yet we need to see much more significant action, locally and nationally.

Making this declaration is a significant step, but it's now the obligation of the council to prepare a plan to deliver on the major reduction of carbon emissions that is critical to avoiding the dangerous climate change. It's critical that the council is held accountable to the commitments they are making today.

Prospective Green Party candidate for Stoke Ian Poyser comments: "Action on climate change is long overdue, so I'm please to see the motion passed today - but now the hard work starts. We need to see radical changes to the policy and actions of the council, businesses and individuals across the city. The best way to ensure acountability is to elect Green Councillors at the next election."  

The recent student protests have been truly inspiring, adults must now to listen to the views of our young people and work together to find a way out of this mess.”

 The global challenge of climate change goes beyond party politics. We look forward to working with the Labour, Conservative groups, Independent councillors, business sector, environmental groups and the public to enact the changes we need to make to achieve the ambitious target of carbon neutrality by 2030.


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