Plymouth Green Party Fundraising

19 April 2017

We have all heard the recent news. The United Kingdom will go to the polls again, this time in the form of a general election. 

The Plymouth Green Party welcomes this news. We look forward to fighting our campaign over the next two months, and putting forward the bright, open and prosperous vision for the UK that the Green Party has, and will always, seek.

However, as a local party within Plymouth we really do need your help. If you choose to invest your money in the Plymouth Green Party, it will enable us to fight this snap election as well as the Plymouth City Council election in 2018. We know money is tight for many people. Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated.

To donate to the Plymouth Green Party and help the fight for a fairer future, click here.

As well as this, over the coming weeks we will be keen to find new activists and members in order to help us deliver on our campaigns. The Green Party is standing up for the most vulnerable in our society, fighting hard-Brexit and is the only party battling to stop the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced; climate change.

To join the Plymouth Green Party and help us in the fight for a fairer and more prosperous future, click here.

We will be sure to update you of more news in the coming weeks, covering candidates, campaigns and our vision for a better tomorrow.

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