Rethinking Plymouth Day

29 March 2017

Rethinking Plymouth!

The Plymouth Green Party would like to invite all its members, supporters and those who are interested to see what we’re about to attend our Rethinking Plymouth day in Plymouth City Centre on Saturday April 8th. 

The concept of Rethinking Plymouth is, and will be, a central idea in all of our campaigns. For too long, Plymouth has been plagued by the same stale ideas and dull politics of the two party's who currently run the city and do so by the mantra that this is the way we do things because it’s the way we’ve always done them. 

We want to change this - we want a politics that focuses on the needs of the people and the planet and not the comfortable continuation of our establishment. All of our ideas therefore, be they on food waste, transport, community spaces and many others have done, and will always, revolve around this concept.

Our stall will be near to the sundial in town from 12pm through to mid-afternoon on the 8th April. We will be there to set out our vision for all those who wish to talk to us for an alternative Plymouth. We live in a great city that could be so much greater, if only our politicians allowed it to flourish. 

As well as giving our vision though, we want to hear from you. Especially from those who aren’t currently Green Party supporters- we want to hear the issues that matter to you and that you want fixing. Rethinking Plymouth after all isn’t just about us giving our vision, we don’t claim a monopoly on wisdom. It’s about creating a culture where ideas can thrive and the people of Plymouth can have their say. 

For any members or supporters who wish to help us on the day, please contact for information. 

See you on the 8th of April, and together we can start Rethinking Plymouth.

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