Freedom of information Request: Food Waste

27 February 2017

Plymouth Green Party committee member Stan Beal has today made an official freedom of information request in relation to the incinerator located in Devonport as part of our ongoing campaign to introduce a food waste recycling scheme in Plymouth. This request was completed in line with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which provides public access to information held by public authorities.

In 2011, Plymouth City Council agreed a contract with MVV Energy Devonport Ltd to build a waste incineration plant at the Devonport North Yard. We have made a request for the following information about the contract:

What is the amount of waste that is currently being processed in the North Yard incinerator annually?

What is the annual target given to Plymouth City Council by MVV Energy Devonport Ltd for the amount of waste that needs to be processed in the North Yard incinerator to avoid a fine from MVV Energy Devonport Ltd?

What percentage of waste currently processed in the North Yard incinerator is food waste?

What is the amount that Plymouth City Council would have to pay to MVV Energy Devonport Ltd if the annual target set in the contract signed in 2011 was not met?

We look forward to sharing the response we receive from Plymouth City Council.


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