Plymouth Greens - NHS Statement

12 January 2017

In a week in which Jeremy Corbyn has insisted on doing anything possible to distract people from the current shambles the Conservative Party is enforcing on our national health service, it is left to the Green Party to make a defence of the NHS we know and love. 

A report this week from the British Red Cross has revealed what many of us were already suspecting. Our National Health Service is in the midst of a serious humanitarian crisis. This from an organisation who is strictly neutral when it comes to party politics and is only interested in humanity is yet more proof that spending cuts are a political choice and that Tory Austerity is a morally and practically bankrupt ideology.

In December alone, A&Es across the country had to close their doors to incoming patients on 140 occasions. To place it in perspective, we are talking about 140 occasions in a month where, should you be unlucky enough to have a heart attack in that area, you would not be able to be seen. Politicians from the mainstream parties talk often of the necessity of making ‘tough decisions’ when it comes to spending reduction as though the worst harm that can come as consequence is a minor irritation. This report shows however that such deliberate underfunding of the NHS is nothing less than legalised murder by cutbacks.

The government cannot say that they were not forewarned. Every major health organisation has warned over the past few months that the NHS was headed for disaster unless extra funding was invested to help with the busiest times. The Plymouth Green Party joins the Red Cross in calling for a significant and urgent injection of funds into the NHS to be able to cope with the increased demand during Winter and we call also for a long-term, fully functioning and fit-for-purpose NHS that enables our heroic doctors and nurses to get on with their jobs of treating people in a humane fashion.


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