Fighting the Investigatory Powers Act

21 November 2016


Last week, the British Parliament passed a bill to allow the state unprecedented powers of surveillance (the Investigatory Powers Act), which went without a whimper from the media. This bill however is no trivial matter as it gives the state unprecedented powers to spy on our digital behaviour and retain our information; powers which do in fact go further than many autocracies.

If this doesn’t frighten you already, any of the information can be shared with the the United States of America and their new president elect…Donald Trump. With the rise of the radical far right across the Western world, giving governments the power to effectively examine the entirety of our digital behaviour not only fails to make us safer, it in fact makes us less safe.

With Labour supporting the government’s bill, the Greens are always to be relied upon as the only consistent opposition to this continued erosion of the liberty that governments claim to defend. Together we must fight this.


Join the Green Party today and help in the fight against an extreme surveillance state.


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