Supporting the ‘re-elect Molly’ European election campaign

 EU candidates 2019

The Green Party in the South West have launched our European election campaign.

Plymouth Green Party are pushing for the re-election of Molly Scott Cato, who has a strong track record of achievement in the European parliament and is a leading and well-respected voice of opposition to Brexit both within the South West region and nationally. Molly, who has been Green MEP for the region since 2014 and is Green Party Brexit spokesperson, tops a list of six high profile candidates selected by party members. 

We need to raise £25,000 to fund a mailshot to the 5 million homes in the region.

Please support the campaign by donating to the crowdfunder.

Why is this election so crucial?

The European Parliament election on 23 May is the most important in our history. As we teeter on the brink of a catastrophic Brexit, it offers us a vital opportunity to show that the will of the people has changed. Molly has been crystal clear on her opposition to Brexit. A strong vote for Molly and the Green Party will help increase pressure for a People’s Vote. And we can use the European Elections as a proxy referendum.

Just as importantly, you can help make sure that EU policies develop in a way that’s good for the environment, good for the climate, and good for people’s quality of life.



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If you have seen a campaign you think we should be joining or supporting or have any campaign strategies and ideas you think would be beneficial then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our campaigns team.



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