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We are the only political party that presents a radically different philosphy that questions the basic ways our society operates. We don't believe that economic 'growth' as currently defined achieves wellbeing and fairness for our society. This is in complete contrast with the other main political parties who tell us that 'growth' is the only way forward. 

We are the party that campaigns for both environmental and social justice - we understand how the issues are fundamentally connected. We can't have a fair and happy society if we continue to treat the planet as having infinite resources, as well as being a limitless dumping ground for the waste spewing from the current yet backward economic paradigm. We need big changes to our economic systems and to reduce the inequalities in our society and the wider world.

The Green Party's Core Values can be found by clicking here.

More about the Philosophical Basis of the Green Party can be found by clicking here.

Green Party Policy Statements can be found by clicking here. 


The Green Party in Plymouth

The Plymouth Green Party looks to champion this philosophy within our local political sphere (Plymouth City Council), as well as contribute to seeing Green Party policies and beliefs championed in national and international political domains, through the election of local Green MP's and MEP's. 

We also aim to support local campaigns that champion Green Party lines of thought in creating a fairer, cleaner, more affordable future for everyone. 

Details about our campaigns and policies can be found by clicking here, while you can find information (such as her work and campaigns) at the South West's fantastic Green MEP Molly Scott Cato website found here.

There are many Green Party supporters and voters in Plymouth - more than you might think! Each time we stand for election, we get more votes. To continue growing however we need more members and activists, so why not join us! Check out our "Get involved" page for more information by clicking here.


Plymouth Green Party Figures


Dan Sheaff - Campaigns Officer, Vice-Chair

Dan was elected to the Plymouth Greens committee as campaigns officer in September 2016. Dan most recently stood for the local party in May 2016 in the local elections, achieving 5th place in the local ward of Southway. As vice-chair, Dan took on the role of chair temporarily while elections for a new local coordinator take place.


Katie Jones - Secretary

Katie was elected convincingly to the role of secretary after an EGM on the 15th December saw an election for the role due to the party requiring one constitutionally. Katie also brings a wide range of valuable skills and experience to the local party.


Photograph of Andrew Pratt

Andrew Pratt - Elections Officer

Andy is currently the Elections Officer for the Plymouth Green Party, having spent several years as the local party's coordinator. Andy has stood for election in Plymouth in both the gerneral and local elections. Most recently he stood in the 2016 local elections for the Plymouth City Council Ward of Devonport. 


Sam Down - Campaigns Officer

Sam was elected to the post of campaigns officer at the most recent AGM. He joined the party in 2015 and most recently stood for the Green Party in the ward of Eggbuckland in May's 2016 local elections.


Stan Beal - Treasurer

Stan took over two roles at the most recent AGM, his preferred role of communications officer alongside the role of treasurer, a role required by the constitution to be fulfilled. Stan recently stood in St Budeaux in the 2016 local elections.


Dan van Cleak - Membership Officer

Dan became membership officer after being elected at the most recent AGM. He has stood for the Green Party numerous times, most recently gaining 166 votes in the Sutton and Mount Gould ward in the 2016 local elections. Outside of the Plymouth Greens, Dan is one of two candidates for VP Education at UPSU (University of Plymouth Student Union).



Green Party members can find our up to date constitution via the members website, or by using this link here.

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